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VOLTAGEHAWK RELEASE "NEON" with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves


Voltagehawk has released their next single/video "Neon" (5/28) w/ TLG Entertainment/INgrooves. "Neon" bleeds a sonic charge of flavorful dystopian punk rash elements into a formidable parlay of Voltagehawk brand. The single is scratchy, with industrial undertones at times. This blended group of professional musicians always has a story to tell through their sound and their lyrics, tying this in with their glitchy digitally dark video in a simplistic fashion solidifies everything Voltagehawk delivers in their latest "Neon."

"Neon" is a vision of a dystopian skid row, a glimpse into the future through blurred white lines on neon-lit streets. The truth is we all have sex for money, sex for love, and sex to pass the time. In some way or another, we’re just like the woman in the song screaming in a final moment of frustration “Pay me my money and go!”, all the while fed up with whatever part of ourselves we’ve sold to get by in this life." - Voltagehawk

Video Story: Meet Kenzeon, a transdimensional sex worker on the Cosmic Highway just outside 'The Land of No One.' A vision of a dystopian skid row, she offers a glimpse into the future through blurred white lines on neon-lit streets, ripping through the fabric of space-time to be paid what she is owed. The weary version of this astral being reminds us that we have all had sex for money, sex for love, and sex to pass the time, fed up with whatever part of ourselves we've had to sell in order to survive the worlds we were born into.

Produced by Geoff Piller at Electric Thunder Studios, Nashville

Mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering, Los Angeles

Cover Art by Corey Tucker, Nashville

Video Muse by McKenzie Gregg, Los Angeles

Visual Art by Jarrad James

While recording at Electric Thunder Studios with Geoff Piller, Mastering by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering (Black Keys, Ghost, Arctic Monkeys, Dr. John, Marilyn Manson) the band put together an energetic, fast paced, melodic opener set and quickly found themselves supporting national touring acts including Beasto Blanco (Chuck Garric of Alice Cooper), The Pink Spiders, Goodbye June, Toke, and Duel.

Continuing on its mission to fuse melodic Nashville songwriting sensibilities with raw Rock and Roll power, Voltagehawk is excited to release its debut full-length 13 song space epic Electric Thunder!

Electric Thunder follows a young heroine's journey through space and time as she comes to realize she is the only translator for the most important message Earth has ever received!


Voltagehawk exists as a collective of artists, traversing space and time as we seek to know thyself through an authentic connection to the cosmos, using the preferred communication of music and art to express the emotion of togetherness.

Dan Fenton - vocals and guitar

Chase Arocha - guitar and vocals

Tyler "Wildman" Boone - bass guitar and vocals

Jarrad James - drums

Find Voltagehawk on all social media channels -

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