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VULTURE LORD / BLACK ALTAR split - 'Black Altar' - 'Sacrilegious Congregation' - (Black Metal)

VULTURE LORD / BLACK ALTAR split 'Black Altar' 'Sacrilegious Congregation'

Release Date: January 2022

ODIUM RECORDS presents the first single of BLACK ALTAR from the split with Norwegian black/thrash masters VULTURE LORD - “Deathiah Manifesto”.

The song is called “Sacrilegious Congregation”!

Check out the video!

Odium Records are proud to announce a new split release from two of the supreme forces in black metal, Vulture Lord and Black Altar , entitled Deathiah Manifesto . Featuring eight songs, including intros created by Ludo 'Evil' Lejeune , the album will be released on vinyl and digi-pack CD this October . One of the Vulture Lord tracks features vocals recorded by the dearly departed Trondr Nefas , who left this world in 2012, while the Black Altar tracks feature performances from musicians known for their work with Vader , Mork and Enshadowed . The stunning cover artwork has been created by Jenglot Hitam ( Abigail, Impiety, Sabbat etc) and the whole package is an unmissable expression of infernal hate!

Vulture Lord 's stunning comeback album, Desecration Rite is also still available from Odium Records at:

Follow the bands at these links:

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