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WARD XVI drop NEW video for HOLD ME

Premiered on Down The Front Media February 28th

Theatrical avant-garde rock sextet WARD XVI have dropped their brand new lyric video for the official single release of Hold Me. The track itself initially appeared on their sophomore album ’The Art Of Manipulation’ but after a strong fan response to live performances, they have decided to release it as an official single hitting the digital realms on March 1st. Infusing beautiful melodies, smooth guitar riffs, haunting vocals and soaring solos!

“Hold Me is probably the most deep, meaningful and personal song from our debut album, 'The Art of Manipulation'. It's one that a lot of people can associate with as we've all been in that dark place where we no longer like or recognise who we see in the mirror. It's the first time the listener gets to see beyond Psychoberrie's hard exterior and marks a significant turning point in the story where both Psychoberrie's victim and the listener feel a deep sense of pity for Psychoberrie, despite her heinous crimes. We're excited to release this as an official single as the song means a lot to us and to many of our fans who have been with us from the start.” - Psychoberrie

Meet The Band

Psychoberrie, Lead Vocals

Lex Whittingham, Guitars / Vocals

Dr. Von Stottenstein, Guitars

Wolfy Huntsman, Bass / Vocals

They are currently seeking a new drummer!


The gates of Whittingham Asylum have been struck open and for the first time in history the high security Ward XVI invites members of the public to meet face to face with the UK’s most violent serial killer. Journey into the mind of Psychoberrie as she gives an insight into her life prior to her incarceration. This sordid tale of deceit and manipulation is represented with a genre defying mix of hard-hitting metal riffs, off-beat ska rhythms, melancholic piano, accordion, catchy female vocals, a hint of electro, and to top it all off an engaging, energetic theatrical live show.

In the summer of 2013 in the city of Preston in the Northwest of England, a group of misfits got together for a new musical project with the aim of creating something completely unique. Each musician from a different musical background drawing in influences from the likes of Alice Cooper, Lordi, The skintz, Stolen Babies, Scar Symmetry, Diabolo Swing Orchestra, Iron Maiden, Alter Bridge, Jason Becker and Avatarium.

In 2017 Ward XVI progressed onto the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival after winning Metal 2 the Masses and then went on to win a further prize of a full PA system after impressing the Bloodstock team with their packed-out theatrical performance. Their momentum didn’t slow in 2018, which saw them support Doyle (former guitarist of The Misfits) on a full UK tour before they brought their insanity to Breaking Bands, Amplified Festival and a further UK tour with Red Rum before embarking on their own ‘Scare in the Community’ headline tour at Halloween. This demand has already resulted in their booking at HRH Metal , Hammerfest and Breaking Bands in 2019.

Plans are afoot to return to the studio to record the follow up to The Art of Manipulation ready for release later in the year.

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