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Wavelink Agency Presents LENNE and THE IMPURITY on tour this Winter!

LENNE will be hitting the road this winter with Buffalo, NY heavy metal band, THE IMPURITY. The tour will kick off on November 26th at Stamps...The Bar in Buffalo, NY and conclude on December 5th at Recreation Center FXBG in Fredericksburg, VA.

The tour will be in support of Lenne's new single "Plastic" due out this November!

Please get in touch if you would like to interview the bands or attend a show for review and photos.


26 - Stamps (Buffalo, NY)

27 - Philly's On The Rocks (Erie, PA)

28 - Westside Bowl (Youngstown, OH)

30 - New Dodge Lounge (Hamtramck, MI)


1 - Springwater (Nashville, TN)

2 - Another Round (Richmond, VA)

5 - Recreation Center FXBG (Fredericksburg, VA)

Back in the early 2000's, Leonard Cerzosie Jr. started a band with his brother called The Infinite Staircase that did very well as an independent band. the band worked with artists like Earl Slick from David Bowie's band, Candlebox, Sevendust, and even Zakk Wylde. In 2009, they scored a slot on tour with Black Label Society, Sevendust, and Dope that sealed a lot of friendships they still have to this day.

"In 2010, the love of my life passed away suddenly. Pill overdose. It was a devastating time. She was only 27. Morgan Rose and I wrote and recorded the EP, No Amends that was a dedication to my love" says Leonard Cerzosie Jr.

He continues, "Over the years, I've had my hand in multiple projects. I formed "Le Projet" around 2013 that featured members of Candlebox, Sevendust, and The Infinite Staircase. I also joined the Baltimore band "The Mayan Factor" a few years ago and have toured with them in Mexico City and the states. During all this, my mother was diagnosed with ALS. One day- after performing a friend insisted on introducing me to someone. He was confident we needed to meet. That was the day I met Jim Taylor. We did get along immediately and have since been composing all sorts of music together."

"When my mother passed away, Morgan got very involved with what was going on with me and my dad. He invited us out to his place in Atlanta multiple times. We started recording songs with Corey Lowery that would ultimately become "LeNNe". We spent much time digging deep for the right lyrics and tones. There were multiple artists involved over the course of a few years, but the official line up is me and Jim led by Morgan" he adds.

"Lenne is one of the most real artists I’ve ever come across. He wears his heart on sleeve, and expresses vulnerability that hits you in the heart. I love how he tells a story. These songs are an emotional roller coaster into the mind of a tortured soul" says Morgan Rose.

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