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Werewolves unleash 'We All Deserve To Be Slaves', the second virulent single from imminent new album, Die For Us!

'We All Deserve To Be Slaves' was filmed during the Tech Trek 2023 Australian tour with ARCHSPIRE and INGESTED at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne, in front of an impatient and unwilling live crowd who were there to see the internationals and not some middle-aged local men screaming abuse at them. 


"We get enough of that at home" said one disgruntled and completely fictitious punter. 


WEREWOLVES frontman Sam Bean stated "You can all get fucked. This song is about how tired we are with shitheads who think they know shit about shit." 


He continued "OK this track is about how people willingly submit themselves to slavery, their desire for demagogues, how our history is brief starry moments of freedom before people throw it all away for some magic beans offered by fat, voracious sociopaths busily munching on the carcass of the last idiot to do business with them." 


He added "Eat our shit".

'We All Deserve To Be Slaves' is taken from the album Die For Us, which is set for release on 19th July 2024, available worldwide streaming on everything.

Prostrate yourself before 'We All Deserve To Be Slaves' at the WEREWOLVES YouTube channel now!

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