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WITCHES TOWN releases death metal influenced "Black Pestilence" debut album

(Photo credit: Brayan Baldessari)

Witches Town releases death metal influenced "Black Pestilence" debut album

Brazilian WITCHES TOWN was formed in 2018 by Bruno Baldessari, having as influences some of the metal legends like JUDAS PRIEST, RUNNING WILD and DEATH. For this journey of playing a death metal inspired heavy metal he recruited guitarist Vinicius Henrique, bassist Wellington Conte and drummer Rafael Rau.

Established as a quartet, the band spent the years 2019 and 2020 recording their debut album, “Black Pestilence”, which is now available in all digital platforms. About the recording process, frontman Bruno Baldessari commented: "It was very gratifying working on this album with Rafael Rau, who besides being our drummer, was also behind the the mix of the album, I could not expect a better result".

Listen to "Black Pestilence" HERE.

The album features eight tracks, commented by the band below:

1. Let Me Out of This Place

It shows the point of view of a mentally unstable person, abandoned in a sanatorium, who cannot remember how he got there, unable to know what is real, or if he there will be someone to return to if he manages to escape.

2. Scream in the Silence

The main character suffers from night terrors, on this occasion something different happened. On a cold night, when the candles were reaching their end, he noticed a shadow watching from the darkness, an entity that wants to catch him, feeding on his despair, a night that seems to have no end.

3. Died so Young

The song describes a letter, basically a will, asking for redemption and forgiveness,, excuses for failures and why it all came to an end.

4. Stranger to Myself

It unfolds the story of an individual who wakes up with amnesia, unable to recognize himself in the mirror, tries to find a path back to his memories, discovering how troubled his past was up to this moment, which he would have been better off not trying to remember.

5. Hold Me I'm Losing My Head

After several disappointments, the protagonist falls in disbelief, until a girl appears, who feels like a light in the dark, but he starts to excessively depend on her. If she doesn't hold him he will lose his mind again.

6. Black Pestilence

It portrays the period when the Black Death spread, causing religious people to panic, who thought it was a divine punishment, the cries of pain echoed louder than the prayers. They feel forgotten by God.

7. The Witches Town

A story in which a city judges a woman with the charge of witchcraft, but the execution does not go as expected, something happens with time, something changes the story, the city ends up becoming the city of witches.

8. Whispering My Name

Everything seems to have ended between this couple, a narrative that seemed like about the end of a romance, when in fact love was not over, but one of them died.

To promote the album, WITCHES TOWN just released a video for their first single, "Scream In The Silence". Recorded by Neves Films, using a forest in the city of Gaspar as a location, the result, according to the band, could not be better, "the work with Neves Films was very interesting, they understood our proposal very well, despite us being the first metal band they worked with. We sent them the ideas and references, which were well received and put forth by them", added the band.

Watch "Scream In The Silence" video HERE.

Witches Town is:

- Bruno Baldessari (Vocals, Guitars)

- Vinicius Henrique (Guitars)

- Welingtton Conte (Bass)

- Rafael Rau (Drums)


- "Scream In The Silence" video -

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