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WITCHSKULL premiere 'Sin City' cover on "Best of AC/DC [Redux]"

WITCHSKULL premiere 'Sin City' from "Best of AC/DC [Redux]"

WITCHSKULL 'Sin City' (AC/DC cover) taken from "Best of AC/CD [Redux]"

WITCHSKULL have released the AC/DC cover 'Sin City' as the first digital single taken from "Best of AC/DC", a companion volume to the forthcoming MER Redux series installment "Back in Black [Redux]". More information about this album can be found below.

The cover track 'Sin City' is now available via YouTube:

Graphic materials are available at this link: (click here for Dropbox)

Joel Green comments: "Growing up in the 70’s in Australia, Marcus and I, like all kids our age, were exposed to AC/DC very early on from watching Countdown on TV", writes the WITCHSKULL drummer. "They were so different to the other Oz bands like Sherbet and Skyhooks who we always thought were terrible. AC/DC were more feral and dangerous looking and sounding. Tony is from New York and he felt the exact same way as us even though it took a few years later for them to get known overseas. In 1978 my dad bought Powerage and sat my Brother and I down and explained that they were a really important band and we needed to listen to them. So they were always part of our lives growing up. Unfortunately, we were only 10 when Bon died so we never got to see the band at their peak. I’m always talking to blokes 10 years older than me asking if they saw them with Bon, and it’s amazing how many did. I refused to see them in the late 80's when Phil wasn't in the band. He’s my favourite drummer of all time so I’m glad the 6 times I’ve seen them were all with Phil and Malcolm. For me personally, the Bon-era AC/DC is the greatest band in history and can never be topped. Powerage is the favourite album for all 3 of us, so to record a song for this album is a huge honour. I hope we did it justice!"

WITCHSKULL were founded in Australia's capital Canberra in 2014. The trio originally set out to infuse heavy doom-laden metal with a healthy dose of stoner rock and has since stayed true on their classical course. Three acclaimed albums later, "Vast Electric Dark" (2015), "Coven's Will" (2018), and "A Driftwood Cross" (2020), the Australians have firmly established themselves as cornerstones of the international heavy scene.


2. It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N Roll) - KAL-EL

3. What's Next to the Moon - BOB BALCH & TONY REED

4. Bad Boy Boogie - KRYPTOGRAF

5. Walk All Over You - BLUE HERON

6. Overdose - SUPERSUCKERS

7. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) - RIFF LORD

8. Whole Lotta Rosie - SOLACE

9. If You Want Blood - RED MESA

10. The Razors Edge - GHOST SHIP RITUAL



13. Night Prowler - DOMKRAFT

"Best of AC/DC" is the by now traditional companion volume to a [Redux] series installment. Released alongside "Back in Black [Redux]", "Best of AC/DC" contains even more amazing cover versions from the Down Under rock titans. This 2-LP extravaganza features 13 bands offering their exciting renditions of all-time classics and deep cuts from across the AC/DC catalog. Fielding an array of heavyweights and hungry up-and-comers from the heavy rock underground, there should be no doubt that fans of the riff-heavy will be stoked to experience these massive AC/DC interpretations unlike any that they've heard before.

"Back in Black [Redux]" presents new takes on all ten cuts from AC/DC's seminal seventh album. This was the first record to feature "new" singer Brian Johnson following the death of original larger-than-life frontman Bon Scott, and music historians agree that there was massive pressure on both the new singer and the band to deliver. Even so, nobody could have anticipated that they'd create one of the most important rock albums ever, and Magnetic Eye cannot wait for you to hear what many of your favorite bands from the stoner, doom, and riff-rock scene have done with some of the most iconic rock songs of all time.

The Magnetic Eye [Redux] Series features hand-picked classic albums from across the history of rock and metal, re-imagined in their entirety from start to finish by bands we love. Choice artists from throughout the rock and metal world are tasked to select a track to make their own, translating a milestone record into the new millennium with crushing heaviness and searing energy. To date, Magnetic Eye Records have published [Redux] versions of PINK FLYOD's "The Wall", HELMET's "Meantime", BLACK SABBATH's "Vol. 4", HENDRIX's "Electric Ladyland", and ALICE IN CHAINS' "Dirt", which have included artists like MATT PIKE, PALLBEARER, THE MELVINS, ALL THEM WITCHES, KHEMMIS, ASG, ZAKK WYLDE, MARK LANEGAN, SCOTT REEDER, and many more mind-blowing artists.

Join a host of heavy rocking bands on the sixth foray into Redux territory as they pay due respect to the giant musical legend from Down Under!

Graphic materials are available at this link: (click here for Dropbox)

Available formats

► Digisleeve CD

► Limited edition black vinyl

► Marbled red vinyl

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