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Wyld Ryde Is Making Sure Good Ole’ Rock N’ Roll Lives On In a Great Way

Wyld Ryde Is Making Sure Good Ole’ Rock N’ Roll Lives On In a Great Way

Hailing from Louisville, KY WYLD RYDE brings hard rock and heavy metal into the new era with great hooks, arrangements and a heavy, razor sharp modern edge that is sur

e to please fans all over the world. Growing up the band faced adversity from a very, very early age. Their neighborhoods are extremely crime ridden from violence to drugs. Just making it out was a blessing as lots of their friends and family died from gun violence and drugs.

You can purchase and stream WYLD RYDE at:

Some early praise for WYLD RYDE include...

Holy crap this band rocks, its a pummeling band. No preservatives with this band. — Ralph Viera, Almost Human YouTube Channel

‘Gasoline Alley‘ from the Louisville, Kentucky-based indie hard rock/heavy metal act Wyld Ryde, is the type of track that might send shivers running down your unprotected spine. -- A&R Factory

As long as bands like WYLD RYDE still exist, real rock and roll will never die. -- Metal Jukebox

Wyld Ryde is making sure good ole’ Rock N’ Roll lives on in a great way.--

WYLD RYDE has just announced a string of dates across Kentucky, Tennesse, West Virginia, Indiana and Ohio.


March 26 - AJ’s Place (Glasgow, KY) April 30th - The Open Chord (Knoxville, TN) May 13th - Manchester Music Hall (Lexington, KY) May 14th - The Dils Center (Parkersburg, WV) June 2nd - BIKE NYGHT (The kickoff of) Hillview City Fair (Hillview, KY) June 25th - Rockin With The Vets (Clarksville, IN) July 2nd - Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN) July 18th - Highland Taproom (Louisville, KY) August 13th - EL Loco Fest 16 (Elyria, OH) September 10th - Cancer Fest (Hillview, KY)

Wyld Ryde is:

Chief - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar Tommy Blitz - Lead Guitar/Vocals Mick Watkins - Bass/Vocals Kidd Vicious - Drums

Track Listings and Songwriters

1.Gasoline Alley

2.Hold on Me 3.Alone 4.Six Gun Shooter 5.Come & Go 6.Don’t Say No

All song written by Wyld Ryde

Tracks 1-4 Produced & Mastered By Jon Mattingly (ARC studios)

Tracks 5-6 Produced By Ron Pease (Aztec Studios) Tracks 5-6 Mastered By Jon Mattingly (ARC Studios)

For More Info go to:

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