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About EMSU Media

EMSU Media is a Media Company, founded by Emmy Susani.  In 2019 Eve Toth joined the crew as Emmy's right hand lady.  We specialize in a number of things, which include but aren't limited to album reviews, live concert reviews, photography and interviews.

Now being based out of the NEPA scene, we can cover the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for live music/photography. 

Don't fear, we also feature bands outside of that region and love discovering new bands from across the globe.

Our goal is to spread the word of up and coming bands, as well as news about established bands or artists.


The thrill of a live experience is something that we find a lot of people don't understand.  The goal of our live show section is to bring you into the show, as close as possible!  Music isn't limited to a scene, genre or a crowd.  Music is meant to bring people together in a way nothing else can.   We aim to introduce you to new artists and  hope we not only will take you on our journey, but will inspire you to go on your own. 

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