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Aeternus Prophet Present Revamp of "Ruthlessness" Album

Aeternus Prophet have been a powerful force on the Ukrainian metal scene for more than a decade now. They have stood alone, a bastion against the tides of time and change, holding fast to the original spirit of early death and black metal. They are keepers of the flame, indifferent to the fickle nature of those around them. Their story began with a raw, fierce debut album called Безжальність - or Ruthlessness – a statement of intent, a vital, vibrant code to which they would always adhere. Now, ten years on from that first pledge to the dark, Aeternus Prophet have reaffirmed their faith, their dedication to principles and honour, with a brand new version of Ruthlessness.

Aeternus Prophet have forged a new alliance with InViMa Records and together they have revitalised that first impassioned album. The 2022 version of Ruthlessness has been remastered, all the lyrics have been translated into English and evocative new cover art has been created by Cold Poison (Ofermod, Vassafor, Auroch etc). Ruthlessness was simply too important to Aeternus Prophet and Ukrainian metal in general to be allowed to slip quietly into the past, a forgotten independent release. Now it lives once more, freed from the shackles of the tomb, burning again with a devotion to the edicts of ancient metal undimmed by the passage of time. For those who know that black and death metal have never produced greater treasures than in their earliest incarnations, that the spirit matters most when invoking the darkest of metals, then Ruthlessness will be an exhilarating discovery.

Hard work and formidable live performances alongside the mighty Possession, Malthusian and Inferno have helped the name of Aeternus Prophet to spread throughout Europe, but now is their time to step from the shadows and onto the world stage. When InViMa unveil the superb new manifestation of Ruthlessness on March 14th a new era of this most dedicated of bands will begin. Despite all the trials and tribulations facing them in this modern age Aeternus Prophet stand proud – unbowed, unbroken and unending.

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