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BlackLite District -1990 album review

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Check out Jonah's album review of BlackLite District's 1990 below.

Double drum fills and a crashing hardcore sound that could easily be mistaken as someone's heavy heartbeat. The influences and inklings of heavy metal hitters like Ozzy and Alice Cooper reflect clearly in Blacklite District's new album, 1990. A poetic homage to the piercing, almost liquid-like guitar solos and crunch of the power chords. Blacklite District brings to life a sound all of us have heard time and time again but sprinkle in their own touch to make it truly their own. Creating a scene from a haunted video game, where Kyle Phieffer autotuned robotic vocals create a pixelated, dream-like stage.

Each song resembles itself as heart-pulling power ballads of leaving whatever is inside that's broken and hurt all out on the table. While bleeding all over the room, melodies and the music picks itself up and seem to jump through levels. Each song almost patching up the wound and advancing to a new level mentally and physically. The nasally haunting, almost 8bit metal sound creates something that would be perfect for finishing a project, a motivating background where each song acts like a checkpoint of progress to set you up for the next stage.

A romantic of desperation with a drive to push through all the pain and sorrow with an army of crunchy melodies and deep chugs bring out Blacklite District musical talent, but their lyrics and vocals stand out as the autotuned robot guiding you on a quest for whatever it is you are searching for in this world. Be sure to Check out 1990 when it releases on December 31st.

By Jonah Hoy

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