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Crobot "Motherbrain"

Crobot is an American Rock band from Pottsville, Pennsylvania composed of Brandon Yeagley and Chris Bishop.

In the three years since their album Welcome To Fat City, Crobot has matured while keeping a familiar stoner-related approach.

Motherbrain is their fifth album and let me tell you these guys have outdone themselves.

I have always had a lot of love for Crobot ever since i saw them at Chicago Open Air in 2017. This album has blown my damn mind.

This album to me is like if Mother Love Bone was a band NOW instead of in the mid to late 80s.

Brandon has always given me such an Andrew Wood vibe vocally and his stage performance is phenomenal..

This album packs some punches with the energizing "get you going" sort of songs. "Keep Me Down" and "Alpha Dawg" are enpowering

get you hyped up jams. It also has a more chill side with songs such as "Gasoline" for a little slower vibe but Brandon still packs a punch

with the vocals.

The album highlight for me is "Low Life". When i saw they released a video for it i got so excited. I felt like it could've

been a sleeper on the album. That might be one of my favorite songs released in 2019. It has such a powerful and insanely

catchy song (it's been three days and i can not get it out of my head).

This record caught me off guard. In a way, I wasn't expecting it to be so good. I know the guys in Crobot always give

their all but this record blew my damn mind. It's one of my favorites of 2019 so far.

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