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Devilskin- RED

The New Zealand four piece, Devilskin - who have toured with the likes of Slash, Halestorm, Motley Crue and Disturbed – new record titled RED, which will be released worldwide Friday April 3 on all formats across all platforms.

RED is the universal color of passion, vitality, blood, danger, romance, anger, horror and love. Everything evocative. Of all the colors, RED is a warning and a statement.

Recorded at Roundhead Studios Auckland mid 2019 with the award-winning team of Producer Greg Haver and engineer/mixer Simon Gooding, this is the bands most complex, complete and confident collection of songs yet.

I discovered Devilskin on one of those Spotify radio playlists a few years back, I remember first hearing their music and being totally taken aback from how intense and powerful it is.

That’s exactly how I felt listening to this record, I felt like I was listening to this band all over again for the first time.

The band released three singles leading up to the release, the first being Endo. I personally loved the video for this and felt like it fit the track very well, this track is lighter to start and then gets heavy just when you least expect it.

“All Fall Down” is my favorite of the three singles and one of my favorites off the entire record. The riff is so catchy and Jeanie Skulander’s vocals are so memorizing.

I also would like to point on, that not only on this track but this entire record has some wicked bass lines and some of the best work I have heard Paul Martin put out.

The most recent single “Corrode” which is the lightest of the three instrumentally, but that doesn’t hold it back. This is a classic Devilskin sound, it’s raw, and mighty instrumentals matched with Jeanie’s wide vocal rage is unmatched. I also would like to point out the video for this is pretty insane. Check it out.

Another couple tracks that really stood out to me were “Blood Bone” and “Same Life”

“Blood Bone” has this hypnotizing riff that starts off this gentle yet agonizing song. This is my favorite off of the record and one of my favorite from them period. Jeanie isn’t scared to let those vocals rip through and make the song as strong as possible. I love, love this.

“Same Life” smacks you in the face before you even know what to expect. It’s for sure a stand out track for me.

All in all this record reminded me why I love Devilskin so much, and it’s a great addition to their already great music library.

Be sure to pick up a copy or stream when it comes out April 3rd 2020

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