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Diamante is "Coming In Hot" With This Debut Album.

Diamante has a promising career ahead of her; Diamante's debut album is straight fire.  This chick reminds me of a modern-day  Joan Jett with the 80's style rock and sassy attitude.  This 21-year-old  has a very promising career ahead of her; this album is just the beginning.  Modern with a classic attitude.

The album kicks off HOT, with the album titled single "Coming In Hot," which kicks you straight in the mouth.  Album stays on the high energy with "Sound Of Us" which is her telling who she is and how her arrival came to be. 

"Had Enough"  is very straight up, a "I'm fed up" track. 

F.L.A.G (Fight Like A Girl) has 80's rock all over it; this song is one of the best off the album.  Love the approach to this song.  "I'm Sorry" instrumentally reminds me a lot of Lita Ford,  vocally reminds me of Lizzy Hale of Halestorm.  Incredible track. 

"Haunted" is about crawling into someone's head, under their skin and not letting them forget you. "Sleepwalking"  has a gothic feel with a great hook in the chorus.

  "Bulletproof"  is about how resilient she is.   "Kind Of Love" is the most radio friendly off this album, in my opinion, I feel like I could be driving listening to Motley Crue and then this song comes on; it's amazing.  A painful song about a broken heart that every good rock album should have, "Black Heart."

Next up she tackles a cover, "Crazy  On You"  and kills it channeling her inner Ann Wilson.  She follows it up with a bash track "Defitinalty Not In Love" which is a giant screw you to whoever it is written about.   "War Cry" is the second to last track,  which smacks you in the face.  That chorus hits, and you can almost feel the mosh pit break out.  The album closes on "Lo Siento" which is the Spanish version of "Sorry."

This is a fearless debut by Diamante; this album is for sure to make rock fans lose their minds.  Easily 10/10 for me.

Looking forward to seeing more from this young rocker!

Check her single "Coming In Hot" out below:

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