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Icarus Lives - Scorched Reprise

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Get ready to kick down the door and scream every last thing you have ever had into the void. Icarus Lives is releasing its new EP, Scorched Reprise, on April 22nd, and it is heavy, hard, and kicks ass.

Icarus Lives is a blend of Traditional metal mixed with various elements of melodic rock composed beautifully with lyrics of vulnerability and angst among the brutal carnage they blast through the amplifiers. Their first song off the EP Secret Keeper, accompanied by a music video on youtube, comes out of the gate swinging. Distorted palm muted chugs with a light electric melody while the double bass drums get your heart palpitating as soon as the song kicks in.

Aria Scarlett is the new frontwoman of Icarus, and her voice accompanies the vulgarity of screaming nicely with her ghastly, haunting howl she pulls over the muffled snarls of the demon behind her singing. Imagine Hades and Persephone were in a metal band, and she is singing her heart out, crying for something more, while the king of the dead behind her is pulling her back to where he knows she needs to be.

Each track kicks off hauntingly, but the beat, bass, and crash of an orchestra of destruction can make you do nothing more than bang your head and tap your foot. Tap your foot to the beat of beasts' redemption with Scorched Reprise. Feel the heat, the speed, and every inch of this metal first course because it only makes you want to have the rest or their new album in your hands.

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