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Scaphis Announce New Album 'Dissected & Fermented' & Release Title Track

Melbourne death metal sensation Scaphis just announced their sophomore album 'Dissected & Fermented' due for release on Friday July 8th. Accompanying this exciting announcement, the group also unveiled the title track teeming with hammering aggressive hooks, bludgeoning breakdowns and spine-chilling vocals.

This brutal track introduces itself with a merciless punch in the face with its groove oriented supercharged release of jagged tension & distinctly dissonant take on traditional death metal. Vocalist Spyke Jagerkrieg unleashes gut churning growls over flesh-melting riffage, pummeling rhythms, ominous solos and bone busting breakdowns.

Frontwoman Spyke Jagerkrieg speaks: "Dissected & Fermented is a testament to our organic evolution as a band. It’s disgusting, disturbing, and everything we could possibly hope to achieve from a second release. We have all grown so much as individuals and as a band, and I think that is very evident in this new chapter for us. We are deeply proud of what we have created together."

True to their signature style, 'Dissected & Fermented' delivers a modern atmospheric extreme metal masterpiece with a visual representation showcasing jars of bloody body parts complete with a corpse being butchered. With this new offering, Scaphis are back in full swing to prove that death metal does not get bloodier, heavier and darker than this.

Scaphis made an impressive debut with their album 'Rituals of Torture and Death' in 2017 followed by a string of national shows including support slots for Bloodbath & Sinsaenum. Forging full steam ahead, 'Rituals of Torture' landed features on Metal Wani, Heavy Mag, Amnplify, Metal Obsession and countless others. 'Dissected & Fermented' is an addictive concoction of brutality and fury, infusing intricate drumming and fretwork, invigorating solos, and guttural growls​, Scaphis deliver a fresh sound that is certain to please death metal fans and critics alike. 'Dissected & Fermented' single is out now via

Presave 'Dissected & Fermented' Album via

TRACKLISTING 1. Gathering 2. Broken By The Wheel 3. The Hunt 4. Let Me Out 5. Plague 6. All For You 7. Tower Of The Damned 8. Blood Eagle 9. Flesh Prison 10. Homicidal 11. Dissected & Fermented

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