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SEETHE- Abstract Thoughts

Seethe is Trap Metal/ freelance artist based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This project is lead by Patrick McElravy, who is also the owner of and manager of Brutal Business Entertainment.

The nine track record dropped on September 15th 2020 and is available for streaming on all platforms.

This record has a mix of that modern trap metal vibe that anyone who knows me, I eat that up.

It starts off with this cool and quick introduction track called "Scarlet".

"Lifeless" and "Skin crawler" stuck out to me with the underground club vibe. I could see me walking into a EDM club with these blasting over the loud speaker. They both have this vibe quality that just pounds through your chest.

I really like the "Abstract thoughts" part 1 and 2 that close out the record. The beats in Part 2 particularly are straight fire!

Overall this record is pretty solid, there's a lot of short tracks which isn't a bad thing. Just something I am not used to seeing.

The production on this record is also really dope for being such a underground record. The mix is incredible.

Even if trap metal isn't what you usually listen to I recommend you checking this record out!

Lead single "(IN)closing":

Social Media Links:

Label website:

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