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Spiral Skies: Death is but a Door

Check out Jonah's review below of the new EP of Spiral Skies

Death is not the end, it is a new beginning into the unknown. And it sounds like a sweet river ride of hauntingly sexy vocals from Spiral Skies lead singer. Spiral Skies' new EP, Death is but a Door, is releasing March 26th, and you should check it out and step into the abyss.

If this album had a home, it would be deep into the depths of the lake of fire but with a pavilion overlooking all the skulls, creatures, demons, and all the others damned with it. Their lead singer would be overlooking her condemned audience, spewing her chillingly, sweet, and sexy voice into the amplifiers that made hell a little less hellish. Drawn out guitar solos and 60/70s style riffs with a psych aura around them create the perfect sound for the journey of death.

As each song goes on, it is as if you are losing those seven minutes of brain activity, and it is taking you across the other side while you begin to accept the final journey. Stories of everything and everything dark, while the psychological fear and conclusions come with death. It is like the vocals of satan herself strapping up her boots and putting on lipstick to devour us all in her requiem for damned. This would be perfect for being in a dark room with the lights off, Spiral plays as you close your eyes and take your imagination into the bells that toll.

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