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Sydney Sherwood - Headspace review

Check out Greg Fristick's review of Sydney Sherwood's EP, Headspace.

18-year-old singer/songwriter Sydney Sherwood is set to release her sophomore

EP, Headspace, on February 27, 2021. The EP consists of 6 fantastic tracks that

Sydney wrote during the current pandemic. Headspace was co-written and

produced by Daughtry guitarist, Brian Craddock, at The Cat Room Studio in

Nashville, TN.

I’ll start off by saying that I typically don’t review albums that fall in this genre of

music. However, something about this EP resonated with me and I was instantly

hooked. Since this isn’t my forte, bear with me while I go over the songs


The opening track, Wolves, is a steady rock track that is packed full of raw

emotion. Sydney’s vocals shine throughout this opening track, but really reign

supreme on the catchy chorus and the hooky bridge section of the song.

Track 2, Let Me Down, is an acoustic driven track that has a bit of a country vibe to

it. Dissecting the lyrics leads me it seems as if it about a troubled relationship of

some sort. The lyrics on this track are also super catchy as Sydney sings “I only

picked you up. You only let me down” as well as “You threw my heart around.”

Next up is the first single from the EP, Creep. The track is a personal account of

what it feels like to live with anxiety. On the lyrics to Creep, Sydney says “My main

goal with this song was to illustrate the war that goes on in your head when you

have anxiety as well as how you can either choose to let fear overcome you or

you can overcome that fear.” This is probably my favorite track on the EP and was

definitely a great choice to be the lead single. You can check out the video for

Creep HERE

Born to Roll is up next. This track has a slight bluesy grove to it. Once again,

Sydney captures me with the hooky chorus and amazing vocal melody. Sydney

shows off a bit more of her amazing vocal range on this track which is a pleasant


Track 5 on the EP is Horizons Edge. Another acoustic track, Sydney again shines

vocally. This song is so beautifully arranged. I could definitely see this song being a

future single and quite possibly a chart topper if the song is heard by the right

people. Huge kudos on this one, Sydney!

Closing out the EP is All The Aces. This track is another bluesy oriented track that

could be played across several platforms including top 40, rock/alternative, and

country. As with every song on the EP, this song doesn’t disappoint and Sydney

delivers once again with amazing melodies and the ever important hook that

makes a song shine.

In closing, I’d like to say that although this isn’t my go-to genre, Sydney has a

bright future ahead of her. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let any one

change who you are.

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