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Bleed the Sky Release New Single "Soul Collapse" & Visualizer

Stream/Download "Soul Collapse" "'Soul Collapse' is about being at odds with what you want to do and what you have to do. The persistent voice in your head stemming from the decisions that take you away from where you want to be in life. The natural connections, bonds and comforts we develop on that path become anchors to a life we cherish, but are antithetical to what we really want, but can't bring ourselves to sacrifice," says Monte Barnard.

Not letting the pandemic keep them down for long, Bleed the Sky has returned with the same intensity that fans of their previous albums will be familiar with, as well as a new brutality that they are excited to share with the metal community. In 2022, Monte Barnard joined the group as the new frontman and was eager to bring his talent and experience to an already versatile group.

Getting his start in Northern California’s Death Metal scene, Monte Barnard joined Alterbeast in 2014 and continued his work touring and filling in on vocals with such bands as Thy Art Is Murder, The Kennedy Veil, and Fallujah. He still also fronts Emberthrone on Seek & Strike Records, as well as Lesser Animal.

Armed with a new vocalist and the release of a new single, “The Parasite” featuring guest vocalist Mark Hunter from Chimaira, they are set to make a mark once more in the music world and enthrall the masses with vigor.

The group is currently composed of Monte Barnard on Vocals, Kevin Garcia on Guitar, Wayne Miller on Guitar, David Culbert on Bass and Austin D’Amond on Drums.

Bleed the Sky is: Monte Barnard - Vocals Kevin Garcia - Guitar Wayne Miller - Guitar David Culbert - Bass Austin D’Amond - Drums

For More Information Please Visit: Official Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify


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